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There comes a time where you might need to set a preference on which Social Media Network you will use the most. Using all four or five networks can become a lot of stress, and you will gain more visitors on one than on another.

But number of visitors or fans shouldn’t be the only factor you take into consideration when choosing a network. It is important to know which one you feel most comfortable in. Do you like Twitter’s short and sweet 140 character limit? Or maybe you prefer Facebook’s easy engagement of conversation and full posts? Or perhaps you like to stay professional and use LinkedIn as your primary network?

Whatever you choose, all are extremely powerful. Let’s begin with Twitter.

To get on Twitter, all you need is an email account and a picture. That’s it. Quick and easy.

When you sign up, see if your desired name is available. If it isn’t, use the advice from my previous article and add a word before or after your desired name and check availability. Make sure your name is the same across all networks.

Try to make your username 15 characters. Then once you’re done with that and you’ve signed up, head to your settings and fill out your profile as much as you can. If people are interested in your tweets, they may wish to check your profile to see who exactly you are.

Choose a picture of yourself or your business, as it is extremely important for people to know who you are. They could suspect you are a spambot or something else that’s fake, and not want to follow you if you don’t have an authentic picture.

Your biography is about your business, what you do and where you are. List your experience, your work, your results, etc. Keep it at 160 characters! And put your website in there as a backlink.

UNCHECK the button that posts your tweets on Facebook. You want to keep them separate, as tweets and Facebook updates are very different.

Be sure to have a strong password. A good tip is the following:

The take the first character of each word, capitalise one or two add a number in the middle or end and put in a symbol eg.

A boat isafe ia Harbour but that inot what they are designed for = AbisaH25$tinwtabf

Remember to set up your notifications. This will allow you to know when someone contacted you or re-tweeted your message. Once you know, you can thank that person.

Lastly, check who is following you and be picky. Some people will follow you just so you follow back. These are NOT the followers that you want. You want authentic, genuine people who follow you for your tweets. You want your target audience following you.

Constantly check your followers and what type of people you are attracting.

Twitter is easy to use and set up, and if you like short simplicity, it is for you.

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